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New version of the Map Tool

Only five months after the first release, the new version was ready: At the beginning of June 2022, the first update of the Map Tool of the Digital Platform for Unmanned Aviation (dipul) was published successfully. The new version of the Map Tool does not only expand its functionality, e.g. by allowing map rotation or a click-on-map option; it also offers improved accessibility. Moreover, the update included bugfixes.

The key functions are briefly presented in the following:

The map rotation function allows the user to rotate the Map Tool map freely in all directions. With the newly integrated button in the lower left corner of the Map Tool screen, the screen orientation can be restored to the initial position with just one click.

The newly developed click-on-map function is to further simplify the use of the Map Tool. A simple click on the map now places a pin at the selected location. For this location, all affected geographical zones are then listed in the pop-up register (right-hand side of the screen). This new function allows users to retrieve information on geographical zones of a specific location and not merely for a certain area. The geographical zones concerning a selected area can moreover be displayed using the “draw circle” function.

The update of the Map Tool was not only intended to implement new functions. The primary goal was to widen accessibility in terms of design and use. In accordance with the Act on Equal Opportunities for Disabled Persons (BGG), all websites of federal-level public bodies must meet accessibility standards. The first version of the Map Tool fulfilled these requirements in principal. However, to simplify its use for all user groups, further improvements have been implemented over recent months. For example, the texts for the screen reader were revised, and the basic structure of the texts was harmonized across the entire Map Tool. Moreover, keyboard control was optimized. 

The new Map Tool release contributes to improving the dipul service. However, the further development is far from concluded. Further optimizations and new functionalities are already being planned.

Have a look at our service and visit the dipul Map Tool. If you have any comments, suggestions for improvement or requests concerning further functions, please get in touch with us via our contact form.

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