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Checklist for the first drone flight

How to successfully operate drones in the open category

You want to fly a drone for the first time in Germany? The ‘Quick guide for drone operations' provides an overview of all relevant steps for you as a new drone operator in the ‘open’ category.

1. Registration as a drone operator

To operate your own drone equipped with a sensor (e.g. camera) or which weighs more than 250 g, you must first register as the operator. You can register with the Federal Aviation Office.

2. Marking the drone with the e-ID

After registration, you will receive an electronic identification number (e-ID), which must be attached to the drone. This makes it possible to uniquely identify the drone.

3. EU certificate of competency

In order to operate a drone, you must hold the EU certificate of competency for categories A1/A3. For sub-category A2, a certificate of remote pilot competency is additionally required.

4. Insurance cover

You are required to have liability insurance to operate a drone. 

5. Geographical zones

Before start of operation, please carefully check the zones where you want to fly and whether these zones are subject to restrictions. For this check, you can use the Map Tool on the Digital Platform for Unmanned Aviation (dipul).

6. Start

When operating your drone, you should always pay attention to the safety of people on the ground and other aircraft. We wish you a great time on your first flight!

The present contents represent the essential steps according to section 5a LuftVO for the preparation of the operation of drones in a simplified way. The content does not claim to be exhaustive.

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