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Digital Platform for Unmanned Aviation

Help & instructions

On these pages we offer help with some of the following topics:

Notes on the dipul

You will find everything you need to know about drones on our dipul (Digitale Plattform Unbemannte Luftfahrt, Digital Platform for Unmanned Aviation). The topics on the homepage are divided into three sections. When you click on a section, the corresponding subject area opens and further information is available. 

  • Information
    In this section you will find information on registration of UAS operators, mandatory insurance, minimum age, safe drone operations, operating categories and subcategories as well as a lot of useful information and further links, e.g. to the LuftVO, which defines the geographical areas.
  • Map Tool
    The Map Tool provides a map of Germany with all geographical zones defined in accordance with the applicable LuftVO. With the help of the map tool, flight zones can be planned and overlaps with geographical zones can be verified using the control mechanism. 
  • Applications & administrative services
    In this section you will find information on and links to the federal and federal state authorities to whom applications can be submitted.